Business climate

Heerlen has much to offer businesses. Easy access, space for setting up a company and for growth, a good labour market and a fantastic natural environment.

Heerlen unlocks European markets

Heerlen: a location for active business, for logistics and production. The location on the Antwerp- Cologne axis is outstanding. Heerlen gives unimpeded and efficient access to the enormous market potential of the Euregion: Germany, Belgium, France and also the Netherlands. The former Roman trade routes have been replaced by unusually fast access links to international road, raid and air networks.


Heerlen is easily accessible and does not suffer from traffic congestion. This will remain so in the future, because the city is continually investing in infrastructure. Heerlen has quick links to the international road network, a short connection (15 minutes) to the Barge Terminal Born (BTB), which has direct connections by ship to both Rotterdam and Antwerp and there is a TGV station in Aachen, just around the corner, with direct rail connections to Frankfurt and Paris. Maastricht Aachen Airport (MAA) is scarcely 15 minutes by car and the airports in Brussels, Cologne-Bonn, Düsseldorf, Eindhoven and Liège are easily and quickly accessible from Heerlen in under 1 hour.

Heerlen offers entrepreneurs space

Heerlen, the business city of Limburg. The Smart Service Hub offers new opportunities for service industries in particular (ICT, Data Centers). On the most important industrial estates of Avantis and Trilandis there is plenty of room to establish a new business operation. Trilandis Business Park has a medical logistics focus whereas on Avantis there is space for both general logistics and for production companies. Avantis Business Park is uniquely situated on both Dutch and German territory. Right from day 1 you will have an international company!  So in Heerlen you can choose a location which best suits your company in terms of appearance and sector.

Heerlen and its environs provide a good labour potential

In and around the city there are plenty of young people in training. The Hogeschool Zuyd (8.800 students), the Open University, a complete range of secondary vocational education, the Technical University in Aachen (30.000 students) and the Higher Vocational Education College in Aachen. In addition Maastricht University has various faculties (medicine, law, International Business, etc). For you as an entrepreneur this means: availability of up to date knowledge and sufficient opportunities to recruit personnel.

For further information on setting up a company in the Municipality of Heerlen call or send an e-mail.

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