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Arrange with the municipality

Do you need the city council? Many of the council’s products and services can be applied for online from the comfort of your own home. First, search for your product on this site. You will then also find all the information about your application so you have everything at hand.

For some products you’ll need to appear at the desk in person. Make an appointment for this.

More information

Can we help you any further with information? Please let us know! You could send an e-mail to or call us: +31- 45-5605040.

Visit Heerlen

In Heerlen you can enjoy theatres, concerts, modern art and historical museums. There are numerous boutiques, department stores, shopping malls and markets. You’ ll find many cafes, terraces  and restaurants for a wonderful evening out. Fan of hiking or biking? In Heerlen green rolling hills, woods and moorlands are always nearby. Come and discover the city: there’s lots to see and to experience!

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Registration in the Non-residents Database (RNI) and Citizen service number (BSN)

The citizen service number or burgerservicenummer (BSN) is a unique personal number for contact with the government. For example, if you want to work or study in the Netherlands. Everyone who is registered with a Dutch municipality has a BSN. Your BSN can be found on your passport, driving licence and identity card.

You will receive the BSN when you first register with a Dutch municipality. You need to come in person to register. 

Moving to the Netherlands from abroad

Are you moving from abroad to the Netherlands and will you be living in our country for at least four months in the next six months? Then you have to register with the council where you live. This also applies if you have been registered in the Netherlands before.

Acknowledgement and the Dutch nationality

A father can acknowledge a child if he isn’t married or doesn't have a registered partnership with the mother. If the mother has a female partner, this partner can acknowledge a child if she isn’t married or doesn't have a registered partnership with the mother. If the biological mother isn’t Dutch and the father or female partner is Dutch, the acknowledgement can have consequences for the nationality of the child.

Receiving visitors from abroad

In order to get a visa, non-Europeans who want to stay a maximum period of three months in the Netherlands need Proof of Sponsorship. This is proof that someone from the Netherlands (family member, friend or acquaintance) stands surety for any costs (and debts) made by the visitor.

Personal Records database for Non-Residents (RNI)

With an extract from the RNI you can show that you are listed in the Personal Records database for Non-Residents. Your name, date of birth, place of birth and address is on the extract. Possibly also other details. Therefore, you must clearly indicate what purpose the extract serves. In the case details in the register are not correct or need an addition, you have to make an appointment, It is not possible to do this digitally. Do you speak an other language? Look at more information (meer informatie). 

Apply for a driving licence

If you’ve passed your driving test, you can apply for your driving licence the working day following your test. You will need to make an appointment for this. You can collect your driving licence after five working days. You do not need to make an appointment for collecting your driving licence.

Apply for a refugee passport

Refugees in the Netherlands can apply for a refugee passport. You can travel abroad with this passport. The passport is valid for all countries, except for your country of origin. Often you will also need a visa. You have a refugee status if you have an asylum residence permit. This is document type III or IV. You receive the refugee status when the United Nations acknowledge you as a refugee.

No appointment is required for pick-up. We also deliver travel documents at home or at work, from Monday to Saturday between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm.

Apply for an alien's passport

If you don’t have the Dutch nationality, you can apply for an alien’s passport. You can do so only if you can show that you can’t get a passport in the country where you come from. You can travel abroad with the alien’s passport. The passport is valid for all countries, except for the country where you come from. Often you will also need a visa.

Registering a birth

The registration of the birth of your child must take place within 3 working days with the council where your child is born.

Birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates

You can apply for an extract or copy from the records of the registry office for yourself, your partner, parent or child with the council. You do this with the council where the event, such as birth, death, marriage or partner registration, took place.

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